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Tom Fabia

Tom is a modern digital artist and photographer born in the south of France. He generates modernist and serene scenes with incredible tranquility through dreamlike realities. With both of his parents being seasoned artists, Tom was inevitably influenced by their passion and drive for creativity. Having never studied art, he was forced to learn on his own during his free time from sales studies, law school and working in a concert hall. 

Tom emphasizes the importance of thorough research and a personalized experience when producing art. He strays away from explaining any meaning behind the art as he feels like the natural feelings created by the art could be skewed by his explanations. Additionally, this restraint of description sustains the viewers view of themselves and allows Tom to see the real feelings in people’s eyes and voices. 

After moving into art full time, Tom has worked in galleries, with famous brands, and small shops. Yet, he maintains that working with an individual or a small community is his preference. He’s incredibly excited for the world of NFTs as it allows small communities to unite and rally around new and innovative art pieces and technology. He also believes that NFTs are an revolutionary format that democratizes the artist and collector relationship, allowing for a new, fair and stimulating playground.


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