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From Turkey

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I am Shapes of Time, a Turkish graphic designer, graffiti artist, illustrator and 3D artist who sees art as the universe and the universe as art, and who has been intertwined with art and has a big passion for it since childhood.

 Since I realized the beauty of designing in this world, I always design. I draw. My interest in art started with graffiti. When I was 13, I took my first step into art when a friend at school asked me, "Do you know what graffiti is?" I still remember how eagerly I researched this for hours when I got home. That is the day that changed my life!

That day, I decided to follow my passions. Improving my vision day by day is not a job or a hobby for me, but a lifestyle. Where I live, art is something that is not valued and respected enough. All my life I wanted to break this. My biggest goal in my daily life and in the future is, to share my art to people and to improve the awareness of the society.

Leonardo Da Vinci has been my greatest teacher in my life. When I read his life, I saw what art can bring to a human life, and what that person can bring to his environment and future generations. Therefore, my greatest happiness in life is when I can bring beauty by art to society. I have colored the walls of many schools since my childhood. For me, the feeling of making children and their families happy is invaluable. I painted murals for various cafes, facilities and people's homes in my country, and I colored the environments. I had the tremendous feeling of winning people's acclaim and making them happy. My adventure, which started with graffiti, brought me to charcoal, then to watercolor, and then to graphic design. And of course, finally to digital art. I am also interested in photography as a hobby, which I believe that photographs have a huge impact on my vision.

I think digital art is very different from other branches of art, but at the same time it is a mixture of them. You have more freedom in digital art than anywhere else. I am "addict of freedom". I have improved myself a lot over the years, but I also have an endless desire to learn; progress in art, never stops...

I see the art as my escape. The phrase "Art is our only salvation from the horror of existence." written even on the wall of my room. It always inspires me, always lives with me. I'm a huge fan of sci-fi and Cyberpunk theme, but I also love nostalgia so much. So I created a style that I call "Cyberetro", and I want to blend this style with surrealism and offer people things they have never seen before.


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