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From Canada

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PRKR (not to be confused as Parker) has made a name for himself in the community with his dynamic designs, refined illustrations, and meticulous graphics. 19-year-old Prakhar’s work has been recognized by some of the gaming community’s finest, including Dr. Disrespect, KSI, 100 Thieves and Jack “Courage” Dunlop.


"When I first joined Instagram in 2017, I saw a few people posting WWE Edits using Photoshop and were getting a bunch of likes. I wanted in on the fun too since I was already a big wrestling fan and had just started to learn Photoshop. So I started posting my edits consistently which looked very bad back then. Even though I wasn’t really able to achieve any significant growth over the course of 3 years on Instagram, my skills developed tremendously. In 2020, I decided to take my skill set over to Twitter and started making artwork for some of my favourite gaming creators. This is where I gained some recognition and got to work with some very big names. So when I look back on my journey, I think the one thing that makes me the most passionate about art is the thought of me working/collaborating with some of the biggest creators out there through my art. That’s like my ultimate goal and am working towards it every day." – PRKR


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