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From Cairo, Egypt

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Mostafa Khaled

When it comes to creating sci-fi worlds and the type of visuals you can only imagine in your dreams, no one's creations paint that picture like Mostafa Khaleds. His trademark lighting used throughout his artworks help to create feeling and raw emotion for the viewers. 


Mostafa hails from Cairo, Egypt which is home to some of the most beautiful man made architecture in the world, this architecture inspires the creations of Mostafa. Growing up he was always inspired to create in any way that he could, he always felt a desire to express himself. Having only been designing now for 3 years he has solidified himself very quickly within the design world as one of its top creators and his following is growing by the masses each and every single day.

Mostafa has been on a mission to release a new design every single day, remarkably, he has done that consistently now for over 3 years......


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