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Villa Alemana, Chile

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Lucas León

Lucas is a Professional Illustrator from Villa Alemana, Chile. He studied Professional Illustration at the Arcos Professional Institute (2017), Chile. He is represented by The NFT Agency (CA) and Chimera Crypto Art (UK), and is a member of The Association of Illustrators (UK). He works as a Fine Art Illustrator, solely focused on making personal artworks. His surrealism combines a technique of analog drawing and pointillism, with digital painting. His inspirations are philosophy, psychoanalysis, and deep meditations about our existence. He was First place winner in “Brightness Illustration Awards 2020” (UK), Gold winner in "Global Illustration Awards 2020" (China), shortlisted for "World Illustration Awards 2020" (UK), and Merit winner in the Annual No.17 (2020) by 3x3Mag (NY, EEUU).


"I find myself more intimately in art when I go through all these details in the artwork, because that teaches me deeply about existence, and I want to share it as best I can, in case something resonates, awakens, heals us. At least I know that dedicating myself to art is dedicating myself to love, is the work of expressing something honest. Despite our mistreated world and society, that love is in helping us to talk with the soul, from there I trust what comes out, I trust what connects, and what that disarticulates to build another rebel and more open being."


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