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Jamie is a London-based 3D artist and designer, whose style could be described as Sci-Fi Surrealism – often set in otherworldly environments. His artistic style has developed over the past 13 years, having started in hand-cut then digital collage, to his current medium of combined 3D and digital illustration. 


From a young age, Jamie was drawn to fantasy and science fiction genres spending many hours doodling fantastical scenarios and worlds from his imagination into scraps of paper. As a teenager, he was inspired by fantasy and comic strip artwork, especially the work of Frank Frazetta. 


A skilled draughtsman, he has always maintained a love and passion for being creative, despite a long period of 20 years without drawing, painting, or likewise. His return to the canvas came in 2008 with a hand-cut collage entitled "CAM-01" which then spurred a series of collage works until 2010 when he switched to a digital medium. From 2010-2016, Jamie had a successful career within his art, as a digital collage artist – exhibiting at many galleries in Central London and the South East of England, selling limited print runs. 


Since then he has worked hard to become a self-taught 3D artist and has adopted his unique style of work, incorporating signature themes. 


Jamie's work can be summarized as a fusion between the ancient world with possible futures; surreal building worlds, but distinctly recognizable to us. 


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