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Germán is a graphic designer from Spain, with a burning desire and never ending passion for creating. Ever since he was a child, he has said he hasn't spent one day without drawing or designing. He first started by copying Disney pictures he saw online, and then went on to go to the drawing academy in Logreño. For 11 years, Germán learned traditional techniques and afterward, decided to go into Industrial Design Engineering in Zaragoza. However, he knew his true passions lay in graphic design. So, he decided to follow his dreams and began working at a creative agency, Quelinka. Since then, he's started working on illustrations, photographs, and digital retouching. Although graphic design is his main focus, he's not afraid to step out of his boundaries and learn something new. Germán has grown professionally and developed various skills in developing 3D projects, audiovisual editing, post-production, and photomontages.


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