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Manchester, UK

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A Thin Line Between

Anthony Edward, otherwise known as A Thin Line Between in the art world, has spent many years developing his skills in Adobe Photoshop so he can better share his motivational and inspiring messages to people around the world with the hope they can be moved or encourage positive change in their lives.

He set himself a goal a few years ago to buy his baby son a home. Coming from humble beginnings he wanted to ensure a better life for his son so sacrificed and spent thousands of hours learning Adobe Photoshop, whilst working full time and being a dedicated full time Dad. This meant very late nights and very early mornings for years but the hard work has started to be recognized.


Anthony has always loved art since being as young as 5 years old. He has always wanted to pursue art as a career but didn’t know it was possible until his friend, and work colleague, Chris, encouraged him to join the Instagram platform for their large art community that he wasn’t aware of.


After several months of joining Instagram he became hooked on improving his skills in digital art. This lead him to coming 2nd place in a free for all contest held by Visuals of Julius in September 2018. Not long after he was noticed and gifted a seat for one of the 15 people to learn from the amazing and very talented self-portrait and composite photographer, Joel Robison. 


He then went on and won three more digital art competitions with over 5000 entrants in one of them and got the chance to work with the likes of Adobe on multiple occasions and is now an Adobe Partner. He has also been featured on Adobe Photoshop’s Facebook and Instagram page.


He has had many of his art pieces go viral on social media. One specific piece in October 2018, “Giving All of Me”, is still being shared and featured by some of the largest feature pages on Instagram and Facebook. That one piece of art was shared to over 200 million people around the world.


A wish came true for Anthony in Mid 2019. He was not only acknowledged by, but had 5 of his art pieces shared by none other than the largest Photoshop and Photography training site, PHLEARN who he has been a huge fan of since Aaron Nace started it in 2011. He has built a strong relationship with PHLEARN since.


Anthony Edward has also had his artwork used for contests and on the face of such mobile apps as Plotograph, Plotoverse, Werble and Enlight Pixaloop.

Anthony has worked with some of the largest organizations, brands, and influencers around the world. He knows his son deserved a better life and he is still working toward that goal every single day.

In 2021 Anthony took a leap of faith during the pandemic. He decided to leave his secure job as a graphic designer and photo retoucher in a popular design agency after 10 years to join Elitist as Creative Director. Elitist are a modern art brand based in LA that inspires people to be the best versions of themselves. This has allowed Anthony to express his ideas, be a leader and explore new ways of working all whilst having the opportunity to work alongside some of the most amazing people he ever met.


He wishes to be able share his wisdom picked up over the years inside Adobe Photoshop with the world by creating tutorials both for free and paid options. He also just wants to bring as much value and support to the growing art community as possible - making people’s journey into learning Adobe’s most popular programme more attainable. This will get users to a higher standard faster than anywhere else so they can enjoy it and can progress to painting a better picture for their lives and their work the way he has with his.


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