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From Bangladesh

Ashraful Arefin is a fine art photographer born on May 3rd in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and currently based in the same city. Ashraful was always very interested in drawing and painting and wanted to be an artist since his childhood. Ashraful was photographically born in 2013 when he started doing a 365 photography project, and completely fell in love with photography and found his true passion for it. After completing his Bachelors in Fine Arts from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka, he decided to dedicate his full time to photography. Ashraful always wanted to create something that was meaningful to others and that's what he wants to continue doing. Within his photographic frame, Ashraful tries to show the beauty of ordinary moments which is often ignored in plain sight. He tries to capture a moment that allows the viewers to see the regular world as a place to dream, to appreciate the simple beautiful moments around us. His Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland inspired animations have caught the attention of millions around the world.


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