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From North Macedonia

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Aron, known as Aron Visuals on social media, is a surrealist digital artist from North Macedonia. Using a technique that allows him to create anything he could imagine, without any limitations, his artwork combines the real with the unreal. "Before I started doing digital art, I had a crazy life and had a lot of bad things happen to me. But creating helped me to keep pursuing my dreams, and that's why I will never stop doing it. It’s a way of life now and I can't imagine a day without creating. It's my love and passion," Aron declared. 


Aron started drawing at a young age and was always known as the kid who decorated the school walls without anyone asking him to. "All of my teachers were sure that I had talent, and that one day, I would be known for it," Aron says. "I believe that a lot of us have a talent for something." 


For years, Aron pursued his interests in photography – and for a while, it was amazing. However, it was more of a hobby than an actual career. Going into it, he knew absolutely nothing about the technical aspect of how to work a  camera. Yet, he had a natural affinity for the job. 


It wasn't until later on that Aron decided to follow his heart and pursue his true passion of becoming a digital artist. From the day he started, he knew he needed to push himself to become the best he could be. Now, Aron has been in the field for 3 years and is so happy that he decided to put in the work and follow his dreams. 


His mission is to express emotions in his artwork, as much as possible. Every piece of work he creates portrays a different emotion, story, and always has a meaning. When people look at his work, he wants them to escape from this world and enter his "Imaginarium." One of Aron's biggest accomplishments was when the Adobe team recognized his work and featured him on Photoshop – multiple times.


Aron considers himself to be a night-owl. As can be seen throughout his work, his art is heavily inspired by night and dark. "Dark and bad days are still part of our life, and we need to learn to accept them. We need to keep going and believing in better days, and I think that my art represents that hope," Aron says.


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